PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 3rd October

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How will the Lib Dems approach their party conference?

Rob Comba is joined by PLMR’s Lib Dem expert Steven Gauge and the Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, Stephen Tall as they look forward to the Lib Dem party conference.

This year is the first time the Liberal Democrats have gone last. With Ed Miliband forgetting part of his speech and the Conservative defections to Ukip, have they won conference season already?
Stephen says one possible advantage of going last is that Lib Dem messages linger in people’s memory.
Steven thinks that journalists and the political world may have had enough of party conferences and may not pay much attention

Will Nick Clegg announce any major policies?
Steven Gauge is expecting an announcement on infrastructure while Stephen Tall is anticipating an education policy.

Who makes a better coalition partner for the Lib Dems: Labour or Tory?
Stephen says that the party’s preference is Labour, although there are questions about whether there will be any coalition

So, what are our panelists looking forward to at the Lib Dem conference?
Steven can’t wait for the communal singing at the Glee club and the Manifesto debate.
Stephen, who isn’t a fan of the leader’s speech, is most looking forward to the debates.

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