PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 15th August

With the situation in Iraq worsening, should David Cameron recall Parliament from recess and debate the issue?

PLMR’s Rob Comba first speaks to prospective MP and former foreign office adviser, Dom Morris.

Is recalling Parliament is the right answer?

Dom says that if Parliament is recalled, any debate needs to be informed by the right understanding of the situation.

So what the key facts that need to be understood?

Dom believes MPs need to realise that the situation in Iraq is a political problem with a political situation and that any action needs to be taken with the long term in mind.

Parliamentary journalist, Tony Grew and Dwayne Menezes, the Director of foreign policy think tank, the Human Security Centre then debate whether recalling Parliament is the right (or wrong) thing to do. Is it?

Dwayne believes it should be mandatory but Tony isn’t sure it will have much impact on the overall situation in Iraq.

Does it not look bad having MPs on holiday whilst the crisis in Iraq continues to worsen?

Dwayne says it’s ‘embarrassing’ that they’re away whilst this is going on.

However, Tony doesn’t think they should because key government decision makers are already back in Westminster.”


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