PLMR has released a new poll, conducted by ComRes, showing that Home Secretary would be the most popular Cabinet position for Boris Johnson, the current Mayor of London.

Following Boris’ announcement last week that he will look to stand for election as a Conservative MP next year, the public were asked which Cabinet post they would most like to see him fill.

12% of Britons say they would most like to see Boris as Home Secretary. 9% said they would like to see him as Business Secretary – the role which he is most often linked to – should the Conservatives form the Government after the 2015 General Election.

Overall, 38% said that they would like to see Boris in one of the seven Cabinet positions asked about. 31% however, say they would not like to see him in any of the Cabinet roles.

Although a potential rival for the Conservative Party leadership, it seems George Osborne has little to fear from Boris in his current role, with just 3% of those polled wanting to see the Mayor of London become Chancellor.

33% of those polled that live in London said they would not like to see Boris in any of the Cabinet roles.

Elin Twigge, Deputy Managing Director at PLMR, said:

“Boris’ experience as Mayor of London has clearly translated into public confidence. However, the public is much more sceptical of the Mayor’s ability when it comes to taking charge of the nation’s schools, hospitals, finances or defence.

Boris clearly has much more work to do if he wants to be taken seriously as a statesman.

Of all the traditional Great Offices of State – Prime Minister, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and Chancellor – the post of Home Secretary has earned a reputation as the one most likely to bring a promising political career to a premature end. Of the 16 post-war Home Secretaries, only two have gone on to lead their parties and only one of those – James Callaghan – made it into Number 10.

“If Boris’s ultimate ambition is to become Prime Minister he will be slightly wary of being despatched to the Home Office.”

Complete poll results available here.

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