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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

Nathan Hollow

Board Director - Head of Health and Social Care - Head of South West

Supposedly one in 10 of us are anxious that 21 December marks the end of the world.

Just in case they are right, we asked everyone in the office, “If the world was going to end tomorrow I would….” – Here are some of the responses.




Lauren Milden

  1. Race through the Houses of Parliament in a rolling chair
  2. Do cartwheels along the Thames
  3. Sing a song out loud – others would be allowed to join in #kindnessinthefaceofthedestructionofhumanity


Nathan Hollow

  1. Learn to ride a bike. As an adult I feel I should die knowing how to do this
  2. Use newly acquired skills to see if I’m allowed to ride a bike through the gates of Downing Street
  3. Head home to Cornwall – enjoy the scenery, a pasty and a Rattler Cider all before helping declare independence from the UK



Ros Trinick

  1. Be disappointed that I’ve never met George Clooney
  2. Be upset if I’ve never been on a date with George Clooney
  3. Be utterly devastated that George Clooney has not yet asked me to marry him

(George Clooney was unavailable for comment when asked if these feelings would be reciprocated – Ed.)


Catrin Owen

  1. Get Brendan Rodgers to move over so the world would end with me as the first female Liverpool manager
  2. Use Anfield as the venue for a massive party for all my family and friends
  3. I can’t think of a third thing…I’m guessing I’d just have a few drinks…


Anokhi Madhavji

  1. Skydive Over Mt. Everest in Nepal
  2. Spend as much time with all the people I love
  3. Experience being part of a flash mob



Jessica Bridgman

  1. Eat a whole block of cheese
  2. Finally call the PPI text number to see if I actually have got money that has gone unclaimed
  3. Swim in the Thames


Marlowe Russell

  1. Celebrate what has been given with nearest and dearests, a roaring fire and unlimited overseas phone calls
  2. Select appropriate grave goods
  3. Look at the sky.  Or, if the weather is drear, feast eyes on a painting of choice.


Peter @pelms84 Elms

  1. I would cry because I am 28 years old and I don’t want to die. I’d be very upset that I’d never been able to experience the joy of creating a life, a luxury safari, a curry made in India or owned a Porsche. My only comfort at that moment would be in knowing that the people I dislike would also die. This would provide me with little solace during the latter stages of my grief, but in the short term might provide relief.
  2. I’d seek out my loved ones. With the end of the world nigh, I would want to be comforted and comfort those that I care about most in the world. It is likely this would consist purely of my own family, as my friends would want to be with theirs. I would likely send a group text message/ Facebook message to ensure they knew that I liked them. When with my family, I would cry again – this would be a very difficult time for me.
  3. I would pray. With my death, and the death of everyone I love imminent, at that moment of absolute terror and despair, I would seek solace in Christianity. I would be utterly distraught, and would hopefully find comfort and reconciliation in prayer. I would pray for everyone that I loved to also find peace, I would not ask why this was happening, I would pray simply to find peace.


Steven Gauge

  1. A game of rugby
  2. A pint of beer
  3. Deliver a special edition of the Caterham on the Hill Lib Dem Focus – with an End of the World survey


Chris Calland

  1. Race to be with as many of the ones I love that I could
  2. Make sure they know how much I love them
  3. Offer any comfort that I could

Let us know in the comments below what your three things would be.

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