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PLMR, a fast-growing public affairs and media relations agency, today welcomed the recommendations on lobbying from the House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee.

The Committee recommends that the Government introduces regulation to cover all those who lobby professionally, in a paid role, including those who lobby on behalf, of charities, trade unions, and think tanks.

Kevin Craig, Managing Director of lobbying agency PLMR said,

“We are really proud of our clients and have always been open about who we work for. I’m keen to see a statutory register of lobbyists but it should clearly include everyone who lobbies not just agencies. There are in-house teams, lawyers that lobby, charities and unions, all of which have significant impact on public life.  A statutory register is essential and long overdue.

“As Managing Director of a growing lobbying agency I have always said that if we are not prepared to declare a client, then we should not be prepared to work for them.  If there is nothing to fear if there is nothing to hide. Including all those who lobby for a living on a statutory register will strengthen public confidence in the democratic process.

“The MPs on this committee have highlighted that everyone who makes their living by trying to influence elected representatives needs to be open and accountable. The committee has got it spot on and it is now time for the Government to follow up and deliver.” 

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