Edtech’s time in the sun

For years now there has being a quiet buzz within the education technology sector about its potential to transform teaching and learning, but with Covid-19 forcing schools around the world to close, or shift to remote and blended pedagogies, its impact and benefits for education are now undeniable for pupils, parents, teachers, education leaders, government […]

Creating a more equitable approach to further education

Earlier this year the death of George Floyd sparked global outcry and a closer look at the systemic racism in our education system, with many universities acknowledging the need to step up and do more to combat these injustices. However addressing racial inequality shouldn’t stop at higher education. Further education (FE) is also problematic, and […]

Why FE needs to change post Covid-19

Without question, further education (FE) is a central pillar of our education system, providing 2.2 million people with the training and skills required to thrive in the workplace, while also supporting employers and driving a significant portion of the country’s economy. As we look to the future and the Covid-19 recovery, FE is set to […]