The Next Lord Speaker: How will it shape the House of Lords?

With online voting opening today to replace the incumbent Lord Fowler, members of the House of Lords will elect the fourth Lord Speaker, the presiding officer, chairman and highest authority in the House of Lords. Until July 2006, the role of presiding officer in the House of Lords was undertaken by the Lord Chancellor, currently […]

A Modern Leader? The evolution of ‘Brand Rishi’

Rishi Sunak has amassed and cultivated an influencer-style social media following that has seen him consistently be one of the most popular Cabinet Ministers throughout the pandemic. His rise to notoriety is no accident, but a carefully built plan to make Sunak stand out from his colleagues and reach a different kind of voter. The […]

Can the Government commit to ‘levelling up’ sustainably?

Boris Johnson’s premiership has been defined by his promise to ‘level up’ left-behind parts of the UK through a programme of infrastructure development, investment in education, skills and R&D, to balance the social and economic inequalities that have characterised the north/south divide for decades. Another great ambition of the Prime Minister, has been the quest […]

Looking Ahead to Virtual Conservative Party Conference

With Party Conference in a format we have never experienced before, PLMR’s Director of Public Affairs and former Government Special Advisor, Mo Hussein, and Account Executive, Harriet Francis, analyse the state of the Conservative Party and look ahead to some of the events to keep an eye on. Conservative Party Conference is fast approaching and, […]

Eat Out to Help Out: What’s the Impact for Hospitality?

The ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme, allowing those who eat out in participating restaurants to a state-funded 50% discount on food and soft drinks (up to £10 per person), was introduced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak to give a much needed boost to the hospitality industry, and has seemingly been a resounding success. Some 84,000 outlets […]

The Agriculture Bill: The Biggest Change to Farming Policy in a Generation

The Agriculture Bill, described by the NFU as the “biggest reform and transformation of British agriculture since 1945”, sets out the UK’s farming policy as we leave the EU and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This landmark legislation debated today, aims to “boost productivity and reward environmental improvements in the farming sector”, and upon its […]

Virtual Parliament: How will it work?

Parliament has an essential role in the functioning of government, politics and fair representation. However, COVID-19 poses a huge and unprecedented challenge: how can Parliamentarians safeguard democracy and carry out their constitutional duties of scrutinising government and passing legislation whilst the Palace of Westminster sits empty? Democratic oversight remains vital At a time when government […]