Keir Starmer’s Opposition – One year in

There must have been a very uneasy feeling in Labour Party HQ upon reading today’s Times. A poll by Survation found that with a month to go until the Hartlepool by-election, Labour finds itself 7 points behind the Conservatives. This was a seat that the party held under Corbyn in 2019 and undermines one of […]

Budget 2021 Analysis from PLMR

Ahead of the Budget, the Chancellor told the Cabinet this morning that when it comes to the state of the public finances, we must be honest with people. As he delivered his three-part Budget, the themes of honesty and levelling with people were clear and set the scene for some challenging and unpopular decisions to […]

Looking ahead to ‘Connected’ – Labour’s online conference

With party conference season starting this weekend in a format we have never experienced before, PLMR’s Dan Baynes analyses the state of the Labour Party and looks ahead to some of the events to keep an eye on at “Labour Connected”. The first in a series of online conferences, Labour Connected should be a helpful […]

Everything you need to know about the UK’s trade policy

As the first round of the UK-US trade talks come to an end and the Trade Bill receives its Second Reading this Wednesday, Dan Baynes and Joseph Smith take a look at the state of play and some of the difficulties the Government might face in the months ahead. After the Conservative Party’s landslide victory […]

PLMR INSIGHTS: Lockdown risks mental health of public

New polling commissioned by PLMR has found that over 11% of the UK public believe that the lockdown has already had an impact on their mental health, and over 7% think they are only able to abide by the current measures for 2 weeks or less. The findings were included in the Evening Standard this […]

The Labour Leadership election – what might come next and why it matters

In the early hours of the 13th December 2019 Labour members sat aghast as Blyth Valley declared the first Conservative win of the night, becoming the first brick to crumble from the “Red Wall”.  The task ahead of the new Labour leader is colossal. To win a parliamentary majority of one, the party will have […]

Back of the net: When Sand Martins cause a crisis

Over in Norfolk last week all anyone has been talking about is a little bird in Bacton. Another migratory bird (Jonathan) Swift said that a lie can run around the world before the truth has got its boots on; this week a Sand Martin could fly around the world before the council could remove its […]