Top 5 PR and digital marketing trends for 2024

Will Greenwood

Account Manager - PLMR Genesis

As we work our way through the start of 2024, many of the key themes and trends for the year from technology to politics are already starting to emerge. For brands looking to make maximum impact with their PR and marketing activity, there are a huge number of opportunities and challenges on the horizon. So, as we look ahead, here are five things you need to be aware of for your PR and Digital Marketing activity.


Make the most of ‘election fever’

Any election period provides a variety of opportunities for PR and marketing activity, but the 2024 General Election is going to be a real game changer. There’s expected to be a seismic shift across the political landscape, so understanding each party’s key policies and how this could impact your organisation and your customers is essential. There’s also an opportunity to influence party manifestos to help shape your industry or wider society.

It’s highly likely that this year’s election is going to be heavily driven by digital channels. With politicians and parties focusing more of their budget on digital advertising, the landscape becomes more competitive, resulting in a battle for visibility and rising costs. As a result, if you plan to launch any target digital marketing throughout this period, it’s vital that you carefully plan and optimise your campaign for maximum impact.


Understanding regional issues

The East of England could be one of the key battlegrounds in the election. The blue political map dominated by the Conservatives in the region is facing significant pressure from multiple opposition parties. So called ‘safe seats’ are under threat, and we may see an increased focus on regional issues to turn the tide in the election.

We’ve seen the Labour Party focus on farming with a commitment to boost the agricultural sector, improve food security, and cut red tape. While the Conservatives are seeking to win over rural businesses who are struggling with planning regulations. Additionally, the major cities from Colchester, Cambridge, to Norwich are looking for a clear infrastructure plan.

Understanding local issues and how they could impact the work you do, or where there are opportunities if you have a solution to solve a local challenge, will be key for businesses in 2024.


The resurgence of local media

Fake news and clickbait have been a hot topic in the world of media for a long time with many large publications putting greater importance on metrics such as impressions and views. In turn, it is becoming more and more difficult to secure coverage in this highly competitive landscape.

As a result, we’re already starting to see the public prioritise trusted local media titles as an important source of reliable news and information. Regional outlets are interested in sharing the stories that matter to their local community and if you or your clients can provide key insights and knowledge on local issues, your chance of coverage and leaving a lasting impression is much higher.


Enhance your digital marketing with AI

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, and the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has only accelerated this change. Understanding how AI can help create content has gained a lot of interest in recent times and whilst there are some incredible innovations, there’s still a long way to go before these tools can outperform the old-fashioned human approach. Not to mention the potential risks…

The content created by AI isn’t perfect and is sometimes factually inaccurate. Not only could this undermine trust in your brand, but you could face significant repercussions if inaccurate information is included in your advertising campaigns.

Plagiarism also throws up a big issue. Content that has been ‘created’ by AI often relies on existing information already in the public domain so be wary of using it and claiming it as your own if you didn’t write it yourself. You also need to consider what happens to the information you put into AI platforms, who has access to it and, more importantly, who owns it.

AI has opened a new era of possibilities that allows marketers to drive impactful campaigns, create exceptional user experiences, and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, but it must be approached with caution.


Stay up to date with website trends

As with most things in the digital marketing world, key trends for website design are constantly evolving. A website sis the front door for a business and in a lot of cases it is the first impression potential customers get. As users land on your site, it’s important to ensure they aren’t bouncing off straight away due to poor loading speeds, a difficult to navigate website or poor content that doesn’t meet their needs, all of which result in a poor user experience.

In 2024 it’s more important than ever that you stay on top of key website and search trends to avoid being left behind. Your website needs to be able to deliver at all points of the conversion process, whether it’s the first impression a customer gets of your business or achieving results through sales.


There’s no doubt 2024 is a year that is full of opportunity. If you’re unsure how to navigate these waters, the PLMR Genesis team is here to support you. As a fully integrated agency, our team of consultants specialises in media relations, digital marketing, website development and design. We work with local and national organisations to build their profile, enhance their reputation and most importantly support their business growth. Contact us today to learn more.

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