Almost half of voters in East of England unsure how they will vote at next election, new poll finds

Will Greenwood

Account Manager - PLMR Genesis

With a general election expected this year, almost half (45%) of voters in the region are still undecided on how they will cast their ballot.  

The poll commissioned by integrated communication agency PLMR and conducted by Savanta looked to understand the key issues for voters. The survey of 2,300 UK adults included a cross section of the population to understand the most important policy areas for the next government, expected turn out, and public optimism surrounding the outcome of the election. 

Whilst the majority (55%) of voters surveyed from the region claimed they already know how they will vote at the election, there is still a high level of uncertainty with one in four open to changing their mind depending on the key policies outlined by each party. 

Tim Miller, Managing Director at PLMR Genesis, the East of England team for PLMR, said: “With the countdown to the next election well underway, this survey shows the result may not be a foregone conclusion. Here in the East of England, it’s evident there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding voting intentions. All political parties sense an opportunity, but they are going to have to work hard to put their vision to the electorate. 

“Local issues are also likely to become decisive factors, particularly in rural areas. We’ve seen the Labour Party focus on supporting the farming community whilst the Conservatives are seeking to win over rural businesses struggling with planning regulations with commitments to cut more red tape.” 

The survey also found voters across the region are uncertain about the outcome of the upcoming election with just 30% feeling optimistic. A further 15% of respondents said they don’t plan on voting at all.  

Miller continued: “The level of uncertainty surrounding the 2024 general election looks to be part of a bigger issue with voter optimism across the region reflected in the national findings from our survey. 

“A key issue is going to be whether people feel motivated to cast their vote. The Conservatives currently hold the vast bulk of seats in the region, but Labour and the opposition parties will be looking to make significant in roads. We’ll therefore likely see an increased presence in the region during the election campaign. 

Further findings from the survey reveal voters see party policies are more important than the views of individual politicians. Of the six policy areas highlighted, energy (70%), health (64%) and housing (57%) were identified as the most important for the next government by voters. 

PLMR Genesis is a team of integrated PR, digital marketing and public affairs consultants based in Ipswich, specialising in energy, education, healthcare and professional services. It is the East of England team for PLMR, a top 50 UK communications agency. 

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