Two years on… and just getting started

Lee Corden (Advent), Kevin Craig (PLMR), Adam Dent (Advent), Will Savage (PLMR)

Lee Corden

Director - Advent

It’s difficult to believe that it has been just over two years since Advent became part of the PLMR Group.

It is fair to say that we’ve come a long way in that time and, yet, it feels like there are so many more opportunities to tap into for us as a business, for our incredible client-base and our fantastic team.

For me, it’s meant huge change and personal development and I have so many people to thank for that.

Firstly, to Adam Dent, who started Advent 25 years ago and gave me my first opportunity as a journalist/PR professional. He, and Julie Dent, have put great trust in me over the years and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. I was lucky I got to learn from the best.

The next show of faith has come from Kevin Craig, Ollie Lane, Will Savage and the whole of the senior team at PLMR to not only give me the opportunity to lead the team here in Coventry but also welcome me onto the group board. Without their unstinting and generous support over these two years, it would have been difficult to adapt to this new role and meet the challenge head on.

I am so pleased we’ve been able to continue the success of Advent as part of the wider group and it’s 100 per cent down to the team here who, day-in, day-out, deliver great results for clients building on the values that have stood us in good stead for a quarter of a century.

Again, the efforts of everyone at PLMR Advent are recognised by the whole company and it is great to see how the team has thrown themselves into being part of a bigger group with all of the new opportunities it brings.

If the first two years have been about adapting to change, the next two to five are about building on it and, at the front and centre of that, is the relationships we have cultivated with clients, partners and the media over many years.

The wider group brings with it skills and knowledge that both our team and our clients can tap into – be it digital, public affairs or sector specific PR expertise.

It’s been a positive couple of years but there is so much more to come which makes this an exciting time to be part of the PLMR Group.

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