PLMR’s CEO and founder Kevin Craig included in the 2023 PR Week Power Book of most influential PR professionals in Britain

PR Week has released the definitive guide to the brightest and most influential PR professionals in Britain and PLMR’s CEO and founder Kevin Craig has been announced as part of the PR Week UK Power Book 2023.

Read Kevin’s interview with the PR Week Power Book below.

Describe your 2022 in no more than five words.

Superb. Clients. Colleagues. Tight. Margins.

What has been your professional highlight of 2022?

Completing our fifth acquisition – bringing Healthcomms Consulting into the PLMR Group fold. Taking 90 colleagues to Lille in France for three days of awayday fun. The GCA in Berlin. Winning truly magnificent client briefs across all areas of PLMR Group. The energy and talent of my 100+ colleagues.

What has been your favourite proactive PR campaign of the past 12 months? (Not one that you or your organisation has been involved in.)

Airbnb’s Ukraine campaign – ‘Opening Homes in Times of Crisis’. Airbnb moved swiftly to make housing available to thousands of Ukranian refugees. Next – people started booking Airbnbs in Ukraine purely as a means to put money in Ukranian pockets. PR making a real difference to lives. Bravo.

Which organisation or individual has managed reputation most poorly in the past 12 months?

The Conservatives had a dreadful 12 months of reputation mismanagement. Three Prime Ministers – one the worst and shortest-lived in history. Pushing and shoving in the Commons. Stage fright during Number 10 press conferences. It was off-the-scale tomfoolery and cost millions.

Which organisation or individual has managed reputation most adeptly and proactively in the past 12 months? (Not one that you or your organisation has been involved in.)

His PR skills helped keep a sovereign country free. His communications ease the pain of the bereaved. His reputation management skills inspired the world against tyranny and aggression. Sublime use of word and dress. There is only one winner. The hero to millions – Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Has the ‘great resignation’ ended in PR?

Yes. The ‘great resignation’ is no longer a thing. However COVID-19 leave-behinds are still very much with us – remote working entrenched as a norm and hugely increased opportunities for the best talent. The contraction of personnel in PR means average talent can also leverage surprising uplifts.

Other than finding and retaining talent, what is your biggest challenge professionally going into 2023?

The cost of living, energy prices and housing costs are massive challenges for all those who work in our business. Economic headwinds and policy mistakes impact our clients, staff and the decisions that PLMR makes. Also 2023 sees PLMR renew its strategy for the future – so a big year ahead.

What are your biggest ambitions for 2023 – professional and personal?

With our fantastic team – to run PLMR Group profitably despite weighty challenges, deliver great careers, give clients quality meaningful work across the UK. To obtain B Corp status. To yet again give five per cent of profits to charity. Personally, to support my family in every way possible.

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