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Boosting your marketing campaigns with TikTok

Kiera Connick

Digital Account Manager

TikTok has skyrocketed over the last year, becoming one of the most popular platforms amongst young people. We are seeing more and more companies, organisations and brands flocking to TikTok to advertise, whether it’s a full-size campaign or subtle influencer ad.

TikTok became the most downloaded app of 2021. With lockdown starting in 2020, people had more free time at home and spent plenty of that time on their phones to feel more connected to people they could no longer see face-to-face. TikTok gained massively from this, seeing a 180% growth on the platform in 2020. UK users spend the most time on the platform with an average of 27.3 hours per month, making it an effective and current platform to use to advertise to UK audiences.

73% of global users say they feel a deeper connection to the brands they interact with on TikTok, compared to other platforms. 52% of TikTok users worldwide say they search for products or shop on the platform, and a huge 67% of users say that the content they see inspires them to shop even when they weren’t originally looking to do so. Overall, consumer spending on TikTok increased by 77% in 2021. If these stats don’t make you consider showcasing your brand or product on TikTok, I don’t know what will!

If you spend a lot of time on TikTok, you will notice every so often that an advertisement pops up. This is intelligently catered towards you and your personal interests using the TikTok algorithm, making adverts more enticing for users to click on. Whether it’s showcasing a new song by an artist you may like or displaying a product that might be of interest to you, at some point every user has been engaged by one of these adverts.

Another way to advertise on TikTok is through popular influencers, known as influencer marketing. A lot of popular influencers on TikTok work with brands to gain revenue. These ads are normally subtle, with the influencer describing a product and why they like it, but it will always state in the description of the video that this content is sponsored. This works particularly well as these influencers have a lot of impressionable followers. Influencers monetise this by pairing the video with an affiliate code, meaning they gain commission while the user benefits from a discount. Ultimately this increases the brand’s sales, while supporting with brand-awareness. A win-win for all parties involved.

As users across the world have so many different interests, you can practically guarantee success of advertising on TikTok. Like other advertising platforms it has flexible budgeting so that you have complete control over how much you spend on an ad or campaign. TikTok lets you target using age, gender, location, interests, and more. You can also create custom audiences and lookalike audiences to reach users like your existing customers. Whilst adverts on other platforms are mainly based around a static image, TikTok solely uses video and this engages users much more than a static image. The first few seconds of the video really count, so it’s imperative you’re prepared to spend time creating an eye-catching video that will cause users to stop scrolling onto the next video and look at what you are advertising.

The platform has lots of success stories including one from Coconut Lane, a UK fashion and lifestyle accessories e-commerce store. They wanted to grow their customer base and advertised on TikTok using the platform’s new Shopify integration. This campaign achieved 595,000 impressions and 5,000 clicks through to their website.

PLMR Digital have a vast experience in setting up digital advertising campaigns across a variety of platforms including Twitter, Google, Spotify, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Our team has seen huge success in results and leads across all platforms.

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