PLMR CEO Kevin Craig on Al Jazeera English discussing Boris Johnson’s future

Kevin Craig

Founder and CEO

Al Jazeera English reaches over a quarter of a billion households in over 140 countries across the globe.  PLMR Founder Kevin Craig has appeared on its leading news programme Inside Story to discuss the next steps  for the British Prime Minister, alongside  Green Member of the Scottish Parliament Ross Greer and Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society and City AM Columnist.

PLMR’s CEO, Kevin Craig, discusses Post Office scandal, conversion therapy and the elderly’s status of wealth on LBC

PLMR CEO Kevin Craig on Sky News discusses online speculation surrounding the health of Catherine, Princess of Wales

Kevin Craig on Republican voting contests and how 20% of UK adults are out of work – BBC News The Context

PLMR’s CEO, Kevin Craig, covering PM accusations, the Hate Monster campaign and remote worker strikes on GB News

Kevin Craig on Times Radio – What could a National Wealth Fund achieve?

Leon Emirali speaks on BBC News about the discussion surrounding UK military action in Yemen

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