Sky’s the limit for Sonihull

A Coventry company which is showing the world how to save the sea was given a national platform to promote its product thanks to help from Advent. 

Advent lined up Sonihull – through our CW Champions contract – to appear on Sky News’ The Daily Climate Show, discussing how its technology harnesses the power of ultrasound to prevent seaweed and barnacles settling on ships, saving fuel in the process.

The item featured on a prime TV slot with an interview from Sonihull’s Environment and Sustainability Director Darren Jones, and also led to a written piece on Sky News’ website.

Caption: Darren Jones, Sonihull

Female teacher helps school kids to finish they lesson.They sitting all together at one desk.

The future of education – just what are each of the parties saying?

PLMR Group Media Snapshot: November 2023

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