PLMR’s Founder and CEO Kevin Craig Appeared on Al Jazeera to Discuss Dominic Cummings and the Upcoming Investigation into Lessons Learnt from the Pandemic

Kevin Craig

Founder and CEO

PLMR Founder, Kevin Craig, appeared on leading international news channel Al Jazeera this weekend in advance of Wednesday 26th May when Dominic Cummings will appear in front of a joint Select Committee investigating lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus of the hearing is expected to be on decision-making in the early months of the pandemic; the scientific evidence available to ministers; border policy; and the timing of lockdowns and other restrictions, procurement processes, and decisions about community testing and contact tracing.

Watch Kevin talk about how Dominic Cummings currently is more dangerous for the Prime Minister than the Official Opposition in Westminster, where the Prime Minister enjoys a comfortable 80 seat majority.

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