PLMR’S CEO Kevin Craig in PR Week discussing how Marks and Spencer’s missed a PR opportunity with Diane Abbott

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M&S missed a PR opportunity with Diane Abbott #Mojitogate

It would be churlish to use some good-natured train drinking to diagnose wider problems with a much-loved British institution. But why in a story about a Marks & Spencer product has the retailer been conspicuous in its absence?

And what does this say about the wider brand?

As the country basked in distinctly un-Bank Holiday weather, one word was trending on Twitter: Mojito. Images of shadow home secretary Diane Abbott illegally sinking a cold one on a TfL train were shared by The Sun and across social media. The tweet apologising for the mid-afternoon tipple has to date attracted 12,000 replies, 7,200 retweets and over 60,000 likes.

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