Social media expert Liz Moore, Digital Account Manager at Mango at PLMR, sets out some top tips so you and your business can make the most of social media.

During Bett, it’s hard to ignore the huge influence and impact of social media.

The Bett Show Twitter account (@Bett_show) has more than 30,000 followers, and the #BettChat hashtag is used frequently to inform visitors of all the amazing things happening on the show floor, whether that’s innovative classroom solutions, robotics, software, or other resources.

So it’s understandable that you’d want to be involved in what could be a huge opportunity to push your key messages and increase your visibility at the show! Here are just a few quick tips to give you an overview of how you can make the most of social media at Bett.

1) Get graphic
Photos and video can have a massive impact when it comes to social media. There’s a lot of content moving through #BettChat every minute, so making sure you draw attention is essential. You might have a competition happening with visitors, or a mascot roaming the floors of the ExCel centre to engage the audience with, or just some really interesting products on-stand. Just make sure that it’s relevant to the show, and don’t forget to include your stand number so that people can find you!

2) Quality over quantity
While ensuring that you have a steady flow of content throughout your time at the show is important, what’s more crucial is the need to keep this fun, engaging and ultimately get people on-stand talking to you. No one really cares that you have an update to version 3.2.1 of your software; however, if your new software is allowing pupils to programme more complicated robotics projects, or help teachers to improve their classroom management, this will be far more interesting.

Make sure that you’re maintaining this balance in order to keep people interested – you’re also more likely to get retweets from the Bett account and other high-profile influencers.

3) Social means social
Have you got people responding to your tweets? Are people tagging you with questions or feedback? While the bustle of the show might distract you from getting back to these queries, making sure that someone is keeping an eye on these channels is really helpful in maintaining visitor interest, not just at the show itself, but in the long term as potential customers.

Even just a tweet to say “thanks for getting in touch, please send us a direct message to discuss further” will go a long way in showing genuine engagement with your visitors, and will also generate a bank of potential contacts to follow up with later down the line!

The Bett Show is chaotic, tiring and absolutely fantastic every year, and getting involved in the social media swell that comes with it could make a huge difference in the number of people you can engage with for your business during the show and beyond! Good luck!
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