Blog: Nafeesa’s first month at Advent

Within the next 12 months, I will be taking a break from my studies at Coventry University and undertaking a new adventure – a PR internship at Advent Communications.

This will be my regular blog where I document what it is like working at Advent, my progression and my achievements over the year.

My first month at Advent

It’s already been a month since I put a pause on my English and Journalism degree at Coventry University, and dived into the world of PR.

During my first year at university, I promised myself that I would embrace everything that the university had to offer to ensure that I got the most out of my student experience. This included getting involved in a work placement that would boost my CV.

The university really pushes people to get involved with work placements, and offers all the support they can to increase employability.

After careful consideration and plenty of research, I decided that PR was the sector I was most interested in exploring during my sandwich year.

Applying for work placements required a fair degree of determination. My applications were coming back unsuccessful and it was leaving me disheartened, but I was determined to keep trying.

Eventually my determination paid off. I managed to secure an internship at Advent Communications – a regional PR company located in the city where I spent my first two years as a student.

The first few weeks has just been about finding my feet, becoming more familiar with the work that Advent does and getting to know our clients.

The work I am given is going to support my degree so well. I have the opportunity to practice writing press releases for different clients and everyone in the office is more than happy to give me advice on where I can improve.

Adam Dent, Managing Director at Advent, has got me into the habit of reading newspapers on my lunch break. He is very passionate about people having general knowledge, and says that reading more will help improve my writing. By the time I go back to my studies, I hope my writing skills will be flawless.

One of my main roles is co-ordinator for Coventry and Warwickshire Champions. I am responsible for updating social media, organising events, setting up meetings and carrying out admin tasks.

I can’t lie; learning to become a morning person has been a challenge! Like the stereotypical student, it’s very unlikely that I will be awake before mid-day. However, I’m already becoming a better version of myself – going to sleep at a reasonable hour, waking up early; even preparing lunch the night before!

The best part about this experience so far is that it is all new territory. I have never worked in an office environment before this and the responsibilities are all fresh. This is perfect though because it means that I’m building up invaluable experience. I can learn a whole range of new skills and develop them into something great, all in the next few months.

Looking back to where I was when I first started university and comparing it to where I am now – I’m more mature and more confident in myself. I can’t wait to see how this work experience will help me progress even further.

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