PLMR's Rob Comba on his volunteering day with children's charity Jigsaw4U

At PLMR we work with companies, campaigns and causes that make a difference – regardless of what area of the world or industry they are in.

That’s why I decided to volunteer for a day with Jigsaw4U, a children’s charity in South West London, as part of our corporate social responsibility programme. As well as my time, we also donated £200 so Jigsaw4U could take a group of kids to the pantomime and give them Christmas presents.

Where I live in South West London, the charity has a huge impact on many children’s lives every day. It helps kids with social, emotional and bereavement issues – they may, for example, have lost a loved one to cancer, a parent might be in prison or they have been victims of domestic abuse. Taking them on a day out to the pantomime and giving them presents really provides them with something to look forward to over the holidays.

Many of them had never been to the theatre before, so it was great to see them all laughing and joining in with all the old jokes that have entertained children in the UK for years and years. One boy enjoyed it so much, he told me he wanted to take his friends to see it for his ninth birthday in March – I didn’t have the heart to tell him panto season only lasted between December and January.

As well as going along to see the show, we also provided pro bono PR consultancy to the charity’s staff. In our session, we developed ideas and initiatives to help Jigsaw4U raise its profile and build corporate partnerships.

With plans such as these in place, we hope Jigsaw4U can attract the funds it needs so it can go on making a difference to the lives of children in South West London, and beyond.

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