Blog – There’s so many news stories flying about throughout the day…

Over the next 12 months I’ll be working at Advent as their intern during my placement year. I’m a marketing student at the University of the West of England, Bristol. This will be a weekly blog about my time at Advent. 

It’s now week three of working in the big wide world and 6am still doesn’t seem an acceptable time to drag myself out of a very warm bed (not entirely sure it ever will). However, you soon wake up once you step inside the buzzy office which is of course ‘Advent towers’, as one colleague likes to call it.

One of the things I love most about having my placement year at a PR firm, is the amount of news and articles I get to read and write. There’s so many news stories flying about throughout the day you can barely keep track! There’s always a positive atmosphere working here, even when I’m given banter about not doing my fair share of the famous ‘tea rounds’.

Monday consisted of visiting Warwickshire’s well known exquisite Coombe Abbey, one of many well established clients. Here, the day kicked off with a networking event, hosted by the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, which Advent acts for as well.

I met some wonderful and inspirational people, from business women who worked at Jaguar Land Rover to fantastic and successful start-up companies based in the local area. @Inpressimages, was of course, snapping away in the background (in his natural habitat) making sure he got everyone’s best angle, something he is very good at…

Overall, this week mainly focused on the social media aspect of the job. This ranges from tweeting for various clients to uploading stories and articles which have gained coverage by various publications.

Twitter is Advent’s main platform for social media, but I’m also focussing on helping to build the firm’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages – it’s harder than it looks! So if you come across us, give us a like or connect with us and I promise I’ll fill your newsfeed with the highest quality news and updates. You’ll wish you had done it sooner!

Another exciting aspect of this week was the International Tag Rugby Youth Festival which was hosted by Engage! Coventry – a brilliant client of ours. Lots of pictures with happy children were flying about left right and centre, one even features two of our colleagues, however he claims he has ‘three chins’ in it, I’m keeping quiet…

Finally, big shout out to Will and Josh who spent a week here on work experience, and were really enthusiastic, keen to learn and extremely helpful. Will also spoilt us with THE best rocky road cakes – now I know all chocolate lovers (like myself) say all chocolate is God’s gift, but these were something else! I promise our office is more exciting than some chocolate biscuits on a Friday, promise…

More next week.

Olivia Wynne


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