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PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 10th July 2015

What impact will this government have on education in the UK?

In today’s podcast channel the spirit of Tony Blair as we focus on education, education, education.

With a (relatively) new Education Secretary and a majority government, will there be big changes for schools, colleges and universities here in the UK?

We spoke to Richard Adams the Education Editor at the Guardian, PLMR’s Ollie Lane and Stephen Tall, Contributing Editor of the Lib Dem Voice.

Firstly, we ask Richard, will this government be any different in terms of education policy?

According to Richard, it seems we can expect more of the same – this is evidenced by continuing commitment to previous flagship policies, like free schools and academies.

What can we expect from Nicky Morgan now she’s more settled in the Education Secretary role?

Richard says it’s difficult to say but Nicky Morgan now has the opportunity to stamp her mark on education policy.

Next we speak to former Department for Education Chief Press Officer Ollie Lane.

We ask Ollie:

What are Nicky Morgan’s biggest challenges over the next five years?

Ollie says there are three key issues: teacher recruitment, delivery on new exam framework and oversight of academies and free schools.

Is she the right person to address these challenges?

Ollie says yes, she is the implementer to Michael Gove’s reformer.

Lastly we speak to Stephen Tall. He writes for the influential blog the Lib Dem Voice.

We ask Stephen:

Will education be different now the Lib Dems aren’t in government?

Stephen says we can expect to see more of the same, even though the Lib Dems are no longer in government.

Did they have a big influence on policy?

David Laws, the former Schools Minister had an impact, particularly with the pupil premium, which ensured equal opportunities for children from less advantaged backgrounds.

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