The UK General Election - 4th July 2024


PLMR’s Queen’s Speech Analysis: Sport & Leisure

Although the Conservative Manifesto contained a number of commitments on Sports and Leisure, the Queen’s speech itself was rather silent on the issues.

There was no mention of the Rugby World Cup coming to the UK this autumn, nor anything on improving community sports facilities, nor a mention of their pledge to speed up visa processing to support tourism.

In spite of the Royal Family’s keen interest in equine pursuits there was also no mention of the repeal of the hunting ban. One can assume that David Cameron wants to keep that one up his sleeve for the moments in the Parliamentary programme ahead when he needs to toss some red meat to his backbenchers in order to keep them in line on other things.

To be fair to the Conservatives, many of their manifesto pledges around the cultural and sporting agenda are financial rather than legislative. Sector leaders will be keeping a close eye on the first Conservative budget on the 8th July, freed up from the restraining influence of the Liberal Democrats, to see whether the Chancellor comes through with the cash to back their pledge of £150 million for school games, keeping Museums and Galleries free to enter, and fixing more church roofs (…whilst the sun shines).

If the “One Nation” theme develops further, Conservatives may yet reflect on their manifesto assertion that “Culture and sport help bring us closer together as a nation, strengthening the bonds between all of us.” The Budget, the Autumn Statement and the Spending Review will provide further opportunities to promote the sector without troubling Her Majesty further.

PLMR Insights: General Election Announced

Thanking our veterans for today’s General Election announcement

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