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PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 6th March

Special General Election 2015 Edition Video Interview with Andrew George, Liberal Democrat MP for St. Ives in Cornwall

With the General Election just around the corner, we are talking to MPs, Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and other influential political figures from across the parties as they prepare for it.

Today we meet Andrew George, the Liberal Democrat MP for St. Ives in Cornwall.

PLMR Week Ahead in Westminster Video Podcast – Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George from PLMR Ltd on Vimeo.

We ask Andrew:

Do you find it hard dividing your time between your job in Westminster and your campaign in Cornwall?

Andrew says he’s focusing on his day job at the moment and will turn his focus to the election at the end of the month.

With the Lib Dems popularity slipping since the coalition with the Conservatives, are you concerned about the safety of your seat?

Andrew says even though the Lib Dems have ‘toxified’ themselves by being involved with the Tories, the electorate can distinguish between politicians who have done a good job.

Does the party’s popularity at a national level play out on a local level?

It only matters to those who take a ‘superficial’ view of politics.

The Lib Dems are known for their local campaigning skills, what makes it different to others?

Andrew says his area is quite different from others, they aren’t out every day delivering leaflets as that is not what the people always want.

What is the number one priority for people in your constituency?

Andrew says affordable homes is a significant issue in West Cornwall as there are a lot more second homes and people on housing waiting lists.

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