PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 28th November

What's likely to be in the 2014 Autumn Statement?

George Osborne is set to make his second big speech of the year in the House of Commons when he gives his Autumn Statement next Wednesday 3rd December.

PLMR’s Rob Comba speaks to Robert Oxley from Business for Britain and Andy Silvester from The Taxpayer’s Alliance to get their thoughts on what he’ll include.

So, what are we expecting in the Autumn Statement?
Andy doesn’t think there will be any major announcements because the public finances haven’t improved enough over the last year.
Robert says it will be a chance for the Tories to bring the focus onto the economy and away from subjects like immigration.

Will Air Passenger Duty be scrapped?
Robert says cuts will happen elsewhere, whilst Andy believes Osborne will make concessions for children under 12 but won’t scrap the tax altogether.

What about English devolution?
This has been a key theme recently but Rob thinks one of the main areas of focus will be on the NHS.

Nick Clegg has recently claimed the Autumn Statement will give the NHS a further £1.5bn. Is this going to happen?
Andy doesn’t believe spending more money on the NHS is the answer.

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