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Can Cameron have his European cake and eat it?


With a European summit next week, David Cameron has announced he’s going to have ‘one last go’ at negotiating a better deal on EU membership for the UK.

Crucial to the new terms would be having tighter control over EU migration, but with freedom of movement being a fundamental right for member states, this would appear difficult.

This week Rob Comba speaks to Jack Parrock from Feature Story News, writer Nick Tyrone and European political expert at PLMR, Natalia Marczewska as they look at how and why Cameron could negotiate EU membership on his terms.

Brussels based journalist Jack says if Cameron wants more control over immigration into the UK, then he may have to leave the EU as freedom of movement rules are unlikely to change.

Will he be able to get his renegotiation plans on the agenda for next week’s summit, at least?

Jack says with the ebola crisis in West Africa and the situation in the Ukraine, this would be unlikely.

Back in London, does Nick think immigration is top of Cameron’s priorities when it comes to renegotiation?

That’s what he says he intends to do but achieving his aims is another matter.

Can Cameron change anything?

Nick thinks it will be difficult but the best case scenario is being able to come up with a policy package which can get through most of his parliamentary party.

What about the worst case?

Natalia thinks it’s the direction he’s heading now because he’s building expectations and focusing on the UK rather than all of Europe.

Is immigration an issue across all of Europe?

Natalia believes it is. This was evidenced by the rise of right-wing parties across the whole of the EU at the recent elections.

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