PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 29th August

Whats coming up in Parliament for the rest of this term?

Upcoming legislation, the appointment of the Clerk of the House, and the defection of Douglas Carswell to Ukip are all discussed in this week’s PLMR Week Ahead in Westminster Podcast.

PLMR’s Antonio Dorileo this week is joined by Joel Blackwell, Political Consultant at Dods Monitoring to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda.

What have Parliament got on before the election in May 2015?

Joel makes clear that rather than being a rump Parliament, MPs and Lords have lots of legislative work to do.

What’s the latest with the controversial appointment of the Clerk of the House?

They also discuss the appointment of the Clerk of the House and whether the Speaker has overstepped the mark.

What does the defection of Douglas Carswell MP mean for David Cameron and The Conservatives?

Antonio is also joined by former councillor candidate for the London Borough of Sutton and PLMR Account Manager Leon Emirali. They discuss what Douglas Carswell’s defection could mean, and what the implications are for David Cameron and the Conservatives if we wins his by-election in Clacton.

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