The UK General Election - 4th July 2024


PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 4th July

This week, PLMR asks the question what new infrastructure projects does (and doesn’t) London need?

Rob Comba is joined by Senior Adviser at PLMR and former aide to Boris Johnson, James Ford, and Tom Mludzinski from the market research company, Comres as they answer this very question.

One project which has recently been mooted is a new bridge crossing in East London, which James is firmly in favour of.

So why hasn’t it been backed by the Mayor of London before?

James says the answer is political – the proposed site is in Bexley, a Conservative stronghold.

Where does public opinion stand on the new East London Bridge?

Tom believes generally people will be behind it but opposition will most likely come from people who live nearby.

Boris Johnson has backed the building of a new Thames estuary airport. Why is he in favour of this, rather than, say, an additional runway at Heathrow?

It’s political again, according to James. The Thames estuary airport would be in Kent, where nobody votes for Boris.

So what do we need, and what don’t we need?

Tom is in favour of Crossrail 2 and the East London Bridge but is remaining tight-lipped on the Thames estuary airport.

Whereas James likes the look of all three.

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