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Back by popular demand, our free digital marketing seminar series has returned for another round! Check out the details of our summer seminars here!

#Comms: Why social media has become so important to organisations

Friday 3 August 10am

Social media, when used effectively, is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating with a wide range of audiences. Whether you’re looking to generate brand or cause awareness, influence stakeholders, or build an online community, developing an effective strategy is essential.

This seminar will take a look at the main social media channels you are likely to come across in digital strategies, how they function, and the types of campaign they might be useful for. There will also be opportunities for you to discuss your specific requirements with a member of our dedicated digital team.


Understanding and managing your business’s digital footprint

Friday 17 August 10am

For any organisation, managing your reputation is essential, and the online environment has added a new level of complication to this. News can travel faster than ever and discussions around causes and organisations can be entirely audience-driven. Ensuring that you know what is being said about you and your business online is completely essential.

This seminar will look at how online news can travel online and through social media channels. We will also consider how these issues can be managed and contained with good digital practices. Following the seminar, you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have with a member of our dedicated digital team.


A Question of Search: How online audiences find and interact with businesses

Friday 31 August 10am

The ways in which people are searching for and discovering businesses are changing dramatically. Websites are often the first port of call when looking for products and services, making search engine optimisation one of the most important factors of any digital strategy. However, there are other means in which people are getting to know organisations, including social media and other online sources.

This seminar will take a look at the changing nature of search amongst audiences and how you might look to refocus your campaign in order to make best use of these channels. You will also have the opportunity to speak with one of the members of our dedicated digital team about your specific needs.


Seeing is Believing: The prominence of video and how to use it to your advantage

Friday 14 September 10am

The “play” button is one of the strongest calls to action on the internet. When visiting websites, potential customers and stakeholders will often view a video to get an overview of what you do. Not only this, but video can also be used to hugely boost your social media reach.

This seminar will look at the prominence of video online and how different campaigns can use it to an advantage. You’ll also have the chance to discuss how you could use video for your organisation with a member of our dedicated digital team.

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