The UK General Election - 4th July 2024



Emma Divers

Associate Director - Head of Scotland

The Week Ahead in Holyrood - 20th February

On Tuesday there will be a Ministerial Statement on the National Review of Maternity and Neonatal Services in Scotland.

This will be followed by a Scottish Government debate on the Scottish Rate Resolution, which centres on the Scottish rate of income tax. Next, there will be another Scottish Government debate – this time focussing on Appointments to the Scottish Fiscal Commission. It will support the recommendation of the Finance and Constitution Committee that the Scottish Government nominations to the commission be approved.  Finally, Scottish Conservatives MSP Annie Wells will lead Member’s Business by celebrating and raising awareness of LGBT History Month in Scotland.

On Wednesday, Portfolio Questions will focus the Rural Economy, Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform. There will also be a Ministerial Statement on the Scottish Government Response to the Social Security Consultation and a Scottish Government Debate on The Scottish Patient Safety Programme. This will be immediately followed by a Legislative Consent Motion on the UK Digital Economy Bill.

Finally, SNP MSP Colin Beattie will lead Member’s Business with a debate on the Industrial Strategy for a More Prosperous, Fairer Britain. He will discuss how a Scottish focus on the Industrial Strategy will help revive dying industries.

Thursday’s General Questions will be followed by First Minister’s Questions. Scottish Labour MSP Lewis MacDonald will then lead Members’ Business by addressing the need for Co-investment in the UK Oil and Gas Sector. This will be followed by the Scottish Parliament undertaking Stage Three of the Budget (Scotland) Bill. It is at this stage where final amendments are considered and the final vote on the bill is taken.

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