PLMR’s Week Ahead in Westminster: 26th June 2015

What impact will the Conservative government have on health and social care?

What impact will the Conservative government have on health and social care?

A new government brings with it new policies, and over the coming weeks PLMR will look at how different sectors will be affected by Tory policy.

Today, Sarah Clarke explores what the impact will be on health and social care. In this podcast she speaks to Peter Beresford OBE, Professor of Social Policy at Brunel University and a regular contributor to the Guardian, and Cathy Corrie a Senior Researcher at independent think tank Reform.

We ask:

What impact will the new government have on health and social care?

Cathy says the new government will bring stability and continuity, and social care will be particularly affected by cuts.

Peter says it’s very difficult to predict what might happen, though it might represent a break from the past.

What will happen to providers?

According to Cathy, it’s going to mean providers will have to find productivity savings – this may result in care providers receiving less from the government for projects.

Peter says the trend has been towards more private provision but that represents some difficulties because it could mean dramatically going into the unknown.

What will be the immediate challenges?

Peter says the immediate challenge will be reconciling ideology with practical policy, as the demographic of the country is changing.


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